Who are we


Headquartered in Saint-Louis, NELIX Group LLC has a network of multidisciplinary trainers, consultants and experts who are benchmarks in their area of expertise. Depending on your different needs, NELIX Group will call upon its appointed experts.
In view of its positioning of excellence, NELIX Group adopts rigor, efficiency, flexibility and speed of execution.

Why choose us ?

Our collaborative strategy embodies a approach in 360° for which our experts intervene, recognized as legitimate references in their areas of expertise. Added to this is its high level of internal standards, its proactivity and its human face, which will facilitate precise and lasting support.
Not only that, but NELIX Group's commitment to inclusive innovation in Africa is an important step to help you get ahead in this increasingly competitive world.


  • Our mission
  • Our vision
  • Our values
  • Our particularity

Support your structure in achieving new results.
This, by providing you with innovative tools for organization, accountability and management, in full compliance with international standards, legal and regulatory requirements applied at national and international level.

Become your partner of excellence while awaiting your growth policy.

Inclusion, Integrity, Sustainability, Innovation, Listening to customers

The strengths of NELIX Group arise from our passion to support you to Grow +, thanks to the setting in music of our human and strategic resources at the cutting edge of innovation.